About EL@N



El@n : Modernisation de l’Enseignement des langues dans les centres de langues des universités algériennes

The EL@N project is a joint national project proposed in the line with the national priorities established under the Erasmus + projects. The consortium of this project consists of 6 language centers (CEILs) of the Algerian universities Tlemcen, Biskra, Bejaia, Guelma, Ouargla, and Oran. The geographical coverage of the six universities is fairly representative of the Algerian territory. The Program counties are represented by 4 European universities: Sapienza de Rome, Valencienne, Santiago de Compostela and Istanbul University. The general objective of EL@N is to promote the multilingualism and the intercultural dialog through the modernisation of the teaching practices of the CEILs. The introduction of a comprehensive digital environment for language education in the CEILs. It aims at setting up an e-Learning platform that allows the networking of CEILs and both the capitalization and sharing of digital resources required for modern, efficient and interactive language learning. In addition, EL@N aims to build local capacity and the acquisition of multiple skills necessary for the development and management of a digital platform. The EL@N project aims to respond primarily to the needs of the university community, students at all levels (LMD) and faculty members and to cope with the constraints related to learning foreign languages and related problems. EL@N aims to offer adapted and on line training to different target audiences to overcome the problems of distance and time (rural areas, heavy schedule of students and staff ...), and to train learners in accordance with the specific needs of the socio-economic world and the labor market.

Link to the Project website: https://elan.univ-tlemcen.dz/