The Vice-Rectorate of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation and Communication and Scientific Manifestations was created by the interministerial decree of 8 Rajab 1425 corresponding to August 24, 2004 fixing the administrative organization of the rectorate, the faculty, institute, university annex and its common services.

This decree quotes in its 5th article the missions and services of the Vice-President as follows:

"The Vice-Rector for External Relations, Cooperation, Animation and Communication and Scientific Events is responsible for:

  • promote the university's relationship with its socio-economic environment and initiate partnership programs,
  • Initiate any action to promote inter-university exchanges and cooperation in the fields of teaching and research,
  • Carry out activities of animation and communication,
  • Organize and promote scientific events,
  • Monitor teacher development and retraining programs and ensure their consistency.

It is composed of the following services:

  • The service of interuniversity exchanges, cooperation and partnership;
  • The service of animation and communication and scientific events. "

Around these missions, a VREX action plan was proposed and adopted to support the reform of higher education in Algeria. This action plan is subdivided into strategic projects and includes a multitude of actions, some of which are in line with specific measures already in place and others which are new measures to be put in place.

Strategic projects bring together different types of actions allowing a gradual appropriation of the principles, approaches and aims of excellence. They aim in particular to:
  • teacher training, upgrading and retraining;
  • to sensitize and train the university community on employability, entrepreneurship, innovation and the promotion of research;
  • to transform our teaching, research and management practices ... so as to integrate the knowledge, skills and know-how inherent to the quality and excellence approach;
  • promoting the quality approach in all areas;
  • exchange and cooperation in the field of education and research through scientific events, conventions, bilateral cooperation and multilateral cooperation ...
  • the development of an effective and dynamic communication system;
  • the internationalization of VREX actions through mobility projects, international projects and membership of international consortia.



Thus, the VREX intends to adopt a management policy that revolves around a quality approach and whose slogan is "towards the influence of the University of Tlemcen everywhere". The proposed plan allows us to confirm that the total success of the university, to achieve its main objectives will pass, among other things, through the success of the activities of the VREX, which in a systemic approach will never be isolated acts but rather will be part of a set of functions that will all contribute to meeting the requirements of the university.

The proposed approach is based on the conviction that the individual, and hence the service into which he or she is inserted, can only carry out his task with dignity in a context that favors self-responsibility which can only be exercised if the professional will in his field of work a freedom of initiative to match his objectives, his commitment and his skills.