Vice Rector Word

The Vice Rector’s Word

Since its establishment, the University of Tlemcen has always held the first places nationally and had the esteem and respect of others on the international scale, an exceptional boom during its course. By taking stock of his teaching, research and community service activities, he can only be very positive. Thus, with its young age, the University of Tlemcen was able to carve out a unique place in the university landscape, it is certainly thanks to the commitment, the passion, the initiative and the dedication of all its components.

It is in the spirit of continuity that the vice-rectorate of external relations, a stakeholder in the university, intends to adopt a management policy that revolves around a quality approach and whose slogan is "towards the radiation of the University of Tlemcen. Actions are proposed, which in a systemic approach will never be isolated actions but rather will be part of a set of functions that will all contribute to meet the requirements of the university.

We are witnessing major transformations in society in general and in academia in particular, where needs have changed considerably over time and where the person in charge, the student, the teacher and the worker have become more and more demanding. This has led the university to open more and more to its immediate environment and especially to the international. Keywords such as "employability, university-business relationship, internationalization, entrepreneurship, innovation, ..." have become necessary parts for any successful model that is the pride of a whole university community.

It is in this sense that the external relations department will work where all its actions, planned in a proposed action plan, accepted and supported by the top management, allow to promote the integration to the labor market of the students, the integration of the university with its surrounding environment (local, regional, national or even international) and contribute to make it a major player in economic development, the sound management of Vrex services will help to preserve its health (cooperative, financial, training) , research…). All these activities will be carried out in accordance with the university's desire to provide an environment of study, research and work that is conducive to the development of individuals and the need to respond to new societal needs.

I sincerely hope that we will work together to fulfill our noble mission and realize the full potential of our university.


Prof. Abdellatif MEGNOUNIF
Vice Rector of External Relations of the
cooperation, animation, communication
  and scientific events