Vice Rector Word

The Vice Rector’s Word

In recent years, Tlemcen has become a major university hub, welcoming an average of 40,000 students from all over the country. The responsibility of all the actors of this great institution, whatever their function, their rank or their specific mission, lies in working to reach the same objective namely, the prosperity of the student and to accompany him fully during his university course . Therefore, the focus on the student, pedagogically and scientifically but also at the social, cultural and sports levels, remains our priority. Indeed, all the actions that the university conducts, such as training operations, trainings, scientific events or other, must fundamentally have a direct or indirect impact on the student.

On the other hand, the reflection today is essentially focused on two main aspects that constitute the fundamental reflection at the University of Tlemcen: the modernization of the institution and the development of a lasting and fruitful partnership with the socio-economic and social world, with all other state institutions, optimizing efforts through concrete actions that will have a strong impact on employability and consequently on socio-economic growth at local and national level. These actions are multiple and they reflect in the co-constructions of trainings with the concerned sectors to offer the students opportunities at the level of the entrepreneurship with the creation of companies as alternative to the employment and thus create a favorable environment for a better student life that would be a source of motivation and innovation.

We wish the entire university community a huge success in their respective missions.