Scholarship 24-03-2016

Murcia Scholarship

The University of Murcia (Spain), in the framework of the International Campus of Excellence Mare Nostrum 37/38 (CMN), has among its objectives the promotion of the international mobility focused on the Mediterranean area.
That is the reason why the Vice-Chancellor for Coordination and Internationalization, through the Campus Mare Nostrum, will launch shortly a call for granting international students who come from foreign universities in the areas of influence of our project.

The mobility will be opened in the following days until the beginning of May. The courses of 3 days (25 hours) on average will be taken place in June, July and September 2016 at the Universidad International del Mar in the Region of Murcia, where the students could choose among different subjects: Health Sciences, Art, Social, Economic and Legal Sciences, Experimental and Environmental Sciences, Humanities and Technical Sciences.
 This call refers to 17 grants of 500 Euros each for travel costs and the free registration to a course (hereby you find the course list). Students must be undergraduates in the last two years of career or master’s students.
As we understand that among the strategic lines of the project Mare Nostrum is the international mobility of the students, we send you this information in advance, hoping that it will be of your interest, besides it contributes to enhance our collaboration. We kindly request you to give the best diffusion among your students.
We will send you the call by this means. Furthermore, we invite you to follow our website where we will be updating all this information.
In case any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us: (CMN Office, Ms. Carmen Buendía) (General Coordinator of Campus Mare Nostrum, Ms. Pilar Garrido) (Director of International Relations of the University of Murcia, Mr. Matías Balibrea)


Download summer cources at Murcia university